SIM Europe - your partner for international mobility programs in Pforzheim and beyond


SIM Europe (Society of International Mobility in Europe) is specialised in educational programmes for Europeans. The programmes are run in the Pforzheim region, a city between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg on the edge of the Black Forest with 120,000 inhabitants.


Our activities aim to reveal prospects for personal and vocational development in the light of a Europe that is growing together. Our main focus is on mutual learning and interexchange. The work placement programme is aimed at pupils, apprentices, young employees, students, graduates and the unemployed who can take part in e.g. the ErasmusPlus programme or the European Social Fund.


SIM Europe offers

  • individual matched internships as working experiences between 2 and 36 weeks for groups and individuals
  • study visits for staff in the educational sector (e.g. in VET, inclusion, the NEET group or themes related to unemployment)
  • exchange of professional youth workers/job-shadowing (e.g. in VET, inclusion, NEET groups, drug addiction and abuse, migration, women/single-parents, etc.)
  • VET/preparational courses for vocational training or professional orientation courses
  • Partnership within the Erasmus+ program or KA2 strategical partnerships
  • Network or symposia for international exchange 

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