Cultural activities in Pforzheim

The „small“ city offers many possibilities to let the day pleasantly come to an end or to remain active until the early hours at weekends.


Swimming, cycling, football or volleyball are just a few sports in which you can be active in during the evening in the city’s parks. Dancing, whether it be classical or modern, is on the agenda, whether it be in discos or dancing schools.


The Pforzheim “scene” meets in the evening and at weekends in cultural centres or pubs such as the Kupferdächle or the Musikpark. DJs play music ranging from rap through hip-hop to heavy metal and rock and pop hits.


Each continent has its place in Pforzheim’s international cuisine: Italian, Spanish, Asian, Arabian, Mexican and many other traditions are at home in Pforzheim. A glass of red or white wine from the local vineyards can be enjoyed with each meal.


The Schmuckmuseum reflects Pforzheim’s economic history with regard to creativity and design. In the ateliers experts show how jewellery is professionally made.


Many well-known cities and tourist attractions can be easily and quickly reached from Pforzheim. Stuttgart, the capital city of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, is just 30 minutes train journey away. The Porsche and Mercedes museum, live concerts with international stars, the works of art in the state gallery or the Canstatter folk festival, one of the biggest festivals in Germany, ensure that an afternoon or a Sunday will be over in a flash.

Heidelberg, one of the most visited tourist attractions, is less than an hour away. A picturesque city centre with street cafés and the vibrant atmosphere of a large university invite you to watch and join in.


The Black Forest begins at the city exit. When the weather is warm, the most beautiful uplands in Germany are ideally suited for walking, trekking and mountain biking. In winter the focus lies on cross-country and downhill skiing. The trip is rounded off with a latte macchiato and a piece of Black Forest gateau.


Strasbourg, the heart of Europe, is just around the corner. By train you’re quickly in Alsace and can immerse in the French “savoir vivre” between the European parliament and the cathedral.


SIM Europe helps the trainee to also settle in in his or her leisure time and to get to know even more aspects of Pforzheim and Germany. Excursions near and far are regularly offered, as well as the chance to meet up with young people from Pforzheim.